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Residential Solar Leads

Geo Targeted Residential Solar Leads Generation

Do you need Residential Solar Leads from a specific  area for your campaign? Not a problem, We work in all US geographic regions.

Residential Solar Leads Education

At The Sun Starter we believe that the essence of solar marketing is about giving the consumer knowledge of all the benefits solar has to offer to build true value in solar before any salesmanship is initiated. This makes it easy for your solar sales team to communicate effectively with the prospect without having to worry about being misrepresented with bogus information! We are fully aware that lead transition is everything and communication is key from the very moment we talk to the prospect until the moment they are signing the solar contract.

Residential Solar Leads Management

We have an exclusive web portal back office at your convenience set up for any campaign initiated in which you get your very own user name and password for. With this we can give you e-mail notifications or text message notifications in real time to let you know the moment your new residential solar leads arrive. We also have the ability to integrate with any current lead management system you may be working with.

Residential Solar Leads Cost

Are you paying $30.00 per lead? $25.00 per lead? $8.00 per lead? How have these residential solar leads been working out with your sales team? Are you getting what you pay for? The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Quality leads are IMPOSSIBLE to generate for these low price points. You are likely buying leads that have been saturated with your very own competitors calling them. Why waste your time. Everything Under Our Sun does is exclusive and with a high quality standard that cannot even be compared with the leads you are buying now. We have the best cost per acquisition in the industry.


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